MAC makeup artist extraordinaire John Stapleton interviewed for FAULT Issue 14

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John Stapleton, senior makeup artist at MAC, gives us an insight into the industry. Photo: Vijat Mohindra

The first thing you should know about John Stapleton is that he has spent time not only behind the camera but in front of it. After a background in fine art, John originally started off in the industry as a professional model. He applied the same principals of his formal artistic training to the fashion world. His approach to make-up, in particular, is simple in the fact that it’s all about the person with whom he is currently working. It might sound obvious but the critical aspect of make up artistry does not lie in any one technique or method, says John, but in approaching each client individually based on their needs.

Make-up, John says, is an art form with the human face as the canvas. The most important factor in that artistic process, however, is the personal interaction between the make up artist and his client(s).

FAULT had the pleasure of working with John and one of his personal clients, Kelly Osbourne, last Summer for FAULT Issue 12. We caught up with John again this year at Sundance Film Festival, prior to his numerous jobs at fashion weeks around the world.

FAULT: With such an incredible portfolio of work, with whom do you like working the most? 

John: I love working with all [my] clients.  Applying makeup is such a personal thing; you really get to know the person.  Seeing the “magic” that makeup can achieve and paying attention to each and every client and making that person (no matter who they are) feel great about themselves – whether it be a model, a celebrity or anyone else – is what it’s all about for me.



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