FAULT Issue 11 – The Underground Issue

We are pleased to announce that FAULT Issue 11 – The Underground Issue – is now available to pre-order.

Official release: 30/07/12

FAULT Summer cover stars – Brittany Snow & Lisa Marie Presley

FAULT Magazine  – the Underground Issue – proudly presents exclusive shoots and interviews with:

Lisa Marie Presley

Soulja Boy

Sauli Koskinen

Katerina Graham

Brittany Snow

Evanna Lynch

Marina and the Diamonds

Reece Ritchie

Singapore Sling

Jesse Metcalfe

Seamus Dever 

Plus a FAULTless selection of the best Film, Fashion, Music & Photography that have gone to the Underground in search of inspiration in 2012


This is your FAULT

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  1. 129aquarius says:

    I haven’t gotten issue #10 yet. My email confirmation on payment received (for 2) was in March.

  2. Adair Lane says:

    I too am still waiting for issue #10 that I paid for while back. Would like to actually get it before ordering another one.
    Please update us on what’s happening and when w will receive either the issue or a refund.

  3. Wendel says:

    FAULT Magazine ?@FAULTMagazine
    Anyone who has not yet received copies of Issue 10, pls email info@booksmagazinesetc.com for info re: delivery & replacements.

  4. Wendel says:

    Sorry from twitter not Facebook


  6. $42 Australian ouch! Sorry I don’t think so.

  7. I absolutely love Lisa Marie Presley. She’s not just gorgeous but a very talented and interesting person.

  8. Good luck getting it…I am still waiting on my order from issue 10..and even tho Fault has assured we will get our ordered seems it is only if we pay AGAIN.. Soooooo buyers BEWARE

  9. What the……..so my comment is gone?

  10. Rebecca says:

    That link to pre-order does not work for me. Anyone else having problems with it?

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