Win copies of FAULT Issue 10 – signed by Adam Lambert!

To commemorate the launch of our 10th issue (and Adam’s 30th birthday wishes), FAULT are offering 10 free copies of our upcoming issue – signed by Issue 10 cover star Adam Lambert – to all those who pledge $20.00 or more to charity:water

The contest will run from TODAY (March 17th) to Sunday 31st March. To participate, just pledge $20 or more to charity:water via Adam’s fundraising page here. Each $20 entered will give you one place in the draw so be generous! Be sure to also include the following in the comments section so we know to enter you in the prize draw:

#itsAdamsFAULT and  #waterchallenge

This is a wonderful cause and we at FAULT hope you will all support it as much as possible by spreading the word through social media. #itsAdamsFAULT was a worldwide trending topic on Twitter earlier this month; hopefully we can do that again to raise awareness for the charity and some much-needed funds for that most basic- and yet so precious – of human needs: clean water.

Good luck everyone!

FAULT was established to give a platform to young creative people and also supports individuals and charities on that basis. Profits from sales of this issue of FAULT will be donated to the Linveco Cultural Foundation, which helps young talent to market their own work and become self-sustainable in a challenging market environment.

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  1. What a wonderful idea! I’ve already ordered my Fault and supported charity:water, but I’ll definitely do it again for a chance to win! Thank you for doing this, and also for supporting Linveco Cultural Foundation. Your heart is in the right place.

  2. What a great idea! Will spread the word…

  3. Great Guy Great Cause. I’ll go donate again .

  4. This is a fantastic idea! So impressed with you, FAULT!

  5. Great incentive to dig a little deeper for a worthy cause. Thanks!

  6. Wissal says:

    I’ll get this Copie, but only on my Dreams

  7. Question: If I want to give $100, do I just donate the whole thing at once to get five chances or do I need to do five separate $20 donations?

  8. Another question: I’ve noticed that many people have donated anonymously. Is it possible to track who made which donation anonymously, or are you only entered into the draw if you use your name?

    • FAULTMagazine says:

      Yes, it confused me too as to why people would donate anonymously but I expect that they’ve used other details to make the donation so I’m sure they will be trackable on that basis.

      • cbgrey says:

        I’m hoping you are working with charity:water on the contest because they know who made the anonymous donations. I made mine anonymously as I always do because I’m not looking for public acknowledgement. But this time I would really like to win the magazine. I did leave my initals in the comment of the donation on the off chance it helps with your tracking. Thanks for donating copies of the magazine!

        • FAULTMagazine says:

          Yes, don’t worry, we’re working with charity:water and will be able to ascertain who you are from the details that they have, Good luck!

  9. Thank you FAULT Magazine! Great idea! I just donated and included #itsAdamsFAULT #waterchallenge in the comments section 🙂

  10. Natali Gritsina-Gavrina says:

    ???? ? ?????, ?????, ?????!!! 17.03.12

  11. This is a great idea #itsAdamsFAULT and #waterchallenge. Crossing fingers for one of the prizes!

  12. DeEtte says:

    After donating I realized i didn’t put #waterchallenge, I did put #it’sAdamsfault. Will it still count? I tried to go back and change it but I couldn’t. I had already donated twice before so I probably can’t afford to donate again and I would love a chance at that autographed cover.

  13. Zoiebull1 says:

    anything for #ADAM #its AdamsFault#waterchallange

  14. Anything for @adamlambert #waterchallenge #it’sAdamsfault I’m going to work extra this Sunday to make that extra $$$ and then donate, and hopefully get the chance to win one of the free magz!

  15. debbie says:

    how can I purchase just the cover(adam) magazine

  16. FAULTMagazine says:

    Update: Signed @AdamLambert copies of @FAULTMagazine have been sent to Adam to sign! @charitywater will then send on to individual winners.

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