FAULT ISSUE 10 LAUNCHED – Place your deposit NOW

We are pleased to announce the launch of FAULT Issue 10the Legacy Issue. To place your deposit and help reduce the overall issue price prior to its release on March 31st, please see here

To go ahead and place your deposit, please click on the cover below:

FAULT Spring cover star Adam Lambert

FAULT Magazine – The Legacy Issue  – proudly presents exclusive shoots and interviews with:

Adam Lambert

Kid Cudi & Dot Da Genius

Cat Deeley

Rico (Zombie Boy)

Band of Skulls

Far East Movement

Phlo Finister

Nada Surf

Sascha Bailey

Ana Araujo

Caleb Landry Jones

Julia Volkova

Plus a FAULTless selection of the best Film, Fashion, Music & Photography from artists forging their legacies in the early part of 2012.

This is your FAULT

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  1. LAMBERTLUST says:

    Omg this is so fucking hawt!!!

  2. *____*

  3. Alice says:

    I already made a deposit a month ago. The photo won’t open now. Anyway I thought the previews were meant to entice new sales. Seems like you can’t see the pic w/o making a deposit now.

  4. Wonderful!!!!

  5. OMG, Beautiful Adam!!! His eyes are so piercing right into my soul!! Adam is a gorgeous body of work, thank you, thank you for this cover!!! I can’t waot for my mag to be shipped! I love Adam!

  6. Adam is always gorgeous but WOW you’ve really done him justice! Love love love the stying, so dapper! A+ Fault Mag!

  7. Adam’s always criminally hot, but I LOVE this styling. Love what he’s bringing to the music scene most. Best male vocals in pop today.

  8. Love the Adam cover! Bought two copies! one to keep pristine and one to rip apart!!!

  9. :O oh my, gorgeous !!

  10. Marian says:

    Thank you, TY, TY!!!! What a gorgeous pic and man! I Love the red plaid peeking out of the coat! Can’t wait for the rest…. and my copy of Fault. Those blue eyes and that magnificent voice just pierce my heart and soul.

  11. Thank you !

  12. LOL, Adam Lambert and Julia Volkove in one issue! So cool!

  13. FAULTMagazine says:

    Guys, as of now the issue price is £12 + P&P. After another 500 orders we’ll reduce to £10.50 + P&P x

    • Daninalismama says:

      Please tell me how I can pay/order for delivery to the US. I cannot find on the site a way to choose that I am in the US. Thank you.

      • FAULTMagazine says:

        Which site are you referring to? We ship internationally so it doesn’t matter if you are in the USA or China. To place a deposit for this issue, please click here – http://www.facebook.com/FAULTMag then follow these 3 steps:

        3 steps: 1)’Like’ us on Facebook 2)Click the ‘Issue 10 Special’ tab underneath the header 3)Click the link provided to place your deposit.

        You will be able to fill out your address at checkout. Hope that helps. If you need any further assistance, please email info@fault-magazine.com

  14. Oh my god!! : 3 <3 So cool!!!

  15. Oh my god!! : 3 <3 So cool!!!

  16. Oh hell yeah!!!!! ADAM LAMBERT!!! <3 He looks damn fine on the cover!

  17. Oh hell yeah!!!!! ADAM LAMBERT!!! <3 He looks damn fine on the cover!

  18. Summerbz62 says:

    Adam you are so damn gorgeous! Jessie J and you awesome!

  19. Glittergirl0404 says:

    Adam you look so breath taking and gorgeous on the cover, I ´m lost for words.

  20. Adam, you look spectacular! Great, great pictures! You are spectacular

  21. Damn, I may just have to order another copy. One to salivate on and the other to frame! Thank you @FAULTMagazine for the absolutely stunning photoshoot of @adamlambert. I was so happy we trended #ItsAdamsFault on Twitter today along with #AdamLambertVideo. Not to brag but I am @BoomerSoonerGal and it was an absolute blast!!! Huge props to stylist @AvoYermagyan & photographer Miguel Starcevich!!

  22. tattoo50 says:

    I love his crazy chameleon ass. I just do.

  23. Mikah Bel says:


  24. Adam never disappoints and certainly doesn’t here. These pictures are epic Adam. Loved the styling, which is so British, and awesome. Can’t wait to get my pre-ordered copy.

  25. Bia_musso says:

    adam we love you hahaah 0___0 ??? my queen

  26. GLAMBERT says:

    adam adam lambert #BTKM LOOOVE YOU ?????

  27. Yoshino1 says:

    Love him!!!!!

  28. Soooo.. glad I ordered this magazine.. could wait for it to come!!!!!

  29. oh adam you are so fuckin gorgeous

  30. Jackied623 says:

    OMG this man is so beautiful well dayum buying 2 copies

  31. Southernbelle196638 says:

    Adam is just Awesome!!!!!!!!

  32. Peaceonearth94 says:

    OMG Adam is Cute/Hot/Amazing/Freakin Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I freakin Love him!!! <3

  33. Jieshrek says:

    Great photo shoot, I’m definitely ordering!!

  34. wendyness says:

    How can I purchase two copies WITHOUT Facebook?

  35. Melissa says:

    Damn, How can Adam can be anymore beautiful than he already is. I can’t wait for my 2 copies.

  36. Tuvshoo_2005 says:

    You luuuuuk aammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaingggggggggggggg

  37. AdamFan says:

    have you lost weight? but you still look amazingly handsome Adam!!! big big fan!!

  38. Sandi Shader says:

    Good Lord! Adam Lambert is the best looking man in the world. I love you Adam! Your talent in unparralelled! I can’t wait to get my copy of FAULT!!!

  39. Sasha says:

    This is beyond GORGEOUS!! *_*

  40. Adam is absolutely gorgeous. I don’t think is possible for a man to look better than him.

  41. Scootsgal says:

    Adam Lambert is the most beautiful man on earth! Thank you Fault for the gorgeous pictures & cover!!!

  42. adam there is nothing to say sorry coz there’s no word can explain how amazing you are i love u ,,,,

  43. <3 ____ <3 #NoExpression

  44. ilaria says:

    Adam, I am speechless everytime I see you …. You are a wonder of nature! <3<3<3<3<3…..

  45. OMG~~~Adam How hot can you more. You are so perfect!!!

  46. i luv ur personality then ur face;)

  47. Josey9720 says:

    #ItsAdamsFAULT. Xoxoxo. He is so Dayum HOTTTTTT! Great job! I can’t wait to get my glam paws on this hot issue. :)))

  48. Adam You are beautiful !Love the new look,every one changes and grows , you got it together!

  49. Fancie Nancie says:

    Adam, words cannot describe how utterly amazingly gorgeous you are, with a voice that nobody will ever compare with, love the songs I have heard from the new album, you rock our world, we can’t get enough of you! Your new look leaves me breathless! XOXOXO

  50. can’t wait have FAULT !!! love u Adam ,You are a such hot man and a great voice.

  51. sara inggrid says:


  52. funbunn40 says:

    I preordered issue 10, (Adam Lambert)and paid my deposit. When is the balance due, the amount and shipping date? Can’t wait to get the issue. The cover is beautiful! Just want to be sure I will receive this much anticipated issue!

    • FAULTMagazine says:

      Hi there! An email will be sent out in mid-March with the final issue price & a link to pay the balance. All copies will then be shipped after the official release on March 31st.

      • funbunn40 says:

        Thankyou so much for your reply and for the coverage of Adam Lambert. The cover is beautiful and can’t wait for my copy. Hope you had an overwhelming response, as so many fans think he’s the next big entrtainer since Elvis and Michael Jackson. He’s the complete package!

  53. Hadasal5 says:


  54. Glam_is says:

    where do i order it, if i can, and will it be mailed to me?

  55. Evvy76 says:

    I all ready put my “LIKE” in my facebook, but I don’t see anywhere to make a deposit?

  56. Evvy76 says:

    My subscription to DISQUS was confirmed. I am confused. I want to place a deposit for Fault. Why is it so confusing?
    Adam, HELP!

  57. FAULTMagazine says:

    To place a deposit for this issue, please click here – http://www.facebook.com/FAULTMag then follow these 3 steps:

    3 steps: 1)’Like’ us on Facebook 2)Click the ‘Issue 10 Special’ tab underneath the header 3)Click the link provided to place your deposit.

    Please note that this is a DEPOSIT not an order. More details here: http://fault-magazine.com/2012/01/fault-issue-10-special-offer-announced/

  58. choons says:

    Not fair – I’m not on facebook (and won’t be joining).
    Will the magazine be available on Canadian newstands?

  59. Ncordiano007 says:

    How will we know if we get the magazine after leaving a deposit?

    • FAULTMagazine says:

      I’m afraid I don’t understand your question! We will send emails out after the end of the deposit period (finishes March 19th) to advise of the final issue price and provide a link for you to pay the balance. After that, your copy will be dispatched after the issue is released on March 31st.

  60. How much is shipping in the UK please?

  61. He is so so so awesome………..

  62. Adam never change the man inside,,, remember what Michael sang,,, “the man in the mirror”,,, No matter how famous and how much money you make,, it will be worth nothing if you change the person you are inside. Stay as beautiful inside as you are outside.. Don’t let the business change that in any way.. give back , don’t forget to “Pay it Forward”…. God gave you the gifts,, use them to the fullest to serve him well. Love ya,, a good fan from your American Idol days to now..

  63. Jeanne, Wolf Hawk Warrior says:

    No words….

  64. Very hot, sexy & gorgeous honey & I love u to much. Love from your fiance charity ( Mrs lambert)

  65. I LOVE THE PIC!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. Robearhair says:

    when is the issue with Kat Graham coming out????

  67. Tddwho says:

    I still haven’t received my Adam Lambert issue! What’s the deal with that?

  68. Tddwho says:

    I received my fabulous Adam Lambert issue today! Thank-you so much!

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