FAULT Issue 10 – Special offer announced

FAULT is pleased to announce a special offer to mark the launch of our 10th issue, to be released on March 31st.  Although the issue will not be available for regular pre-orders until early March, we will be offering readers the chance to place a deposit for this issue from today. The link for for this deposit is available to all those who ‘like’ the FAULT Facebook page.

For every 500 fans who place a deposit on the issue, we will reduce its price by £1.50, up to a minimum order price of £4.50 (not including P&P). This offer will last until mid-March, thereafter everyone who placed a deposit will be notified of the final price of the issue (with a link to pay the outstanding balance) via email.

*Please note, this offer only applies to single online orders placed through our partners at www.booksmagazinesetc.com . All deposits are non-refundable. Please place 1 deposit per copy you wish to order. Subscribers are not affected by this offer.*

The theme for this Issue is LEGACY and will feature…well, we couldn’t possibly say…!

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  1. The checkout is not working for me. When I click on checkout, it says the page won’t fit in a frame, then sends me to a paypal page. When I sign it, there is no information on who to pay (:

  2. Mtnwomanbc says:

    There is no option for purchasing only Issue #10 at http://www.booksmagazinesetc.com. Please advise on what to do. I have already “Liked” the Fault FB page

    • Please click on the “Issue 10 Special” tab under the picture on the FB page. It will give you a link to a page where you can place the deposit. Thanks!

  3. May I ask is this the issue with Adam Lambert in it?

  4. Are all 500 slots taken already? I just tried and it said that this product (issue 10) is not available. Thanks.

  5. Calavalon says:

    I was trying to place a deposit on Fault Issue #10, but I think my order was placed for Issue #9 by mistake. Can you check this out and let me know? Carole Long

  6. Couldn’t get this to work either

  7. For anyone having difficulties:

    3 steps: 1)Follow us on Facebook 2)Click Issue 10 Special tab on left of screen under profile pic 3)Click the link provided to place your deposit!

  8. langthang says:

    Is it the Adam Lambert issue? How much is the deposit and appx how much is the price for this issue and do you ship overseas. I am very interested in it, but need more information to decide. Thanks.

    • The starting price for the issue is £15. For every 500 FB fans who place their deposit for the issue, we reduce the price by £1.50 (up to min. price of £4.50, not including P&P). The basic deposit is £4.50 and yes, we do ship internationally.

  9. Kritikpdx says:

    That was easy, thanks! 🙂

  10. Thank you for this wonderful special offer! Just ordered and I can’t wait for my @adamlambert issue : )

  11. A bit hard to find the deposit page but all done. Can’t wait for my issue !

  12. Calavalon says:

    You told me to e-mail Nick at Fault Magazine, but I can’t find a valid e-mail address for him. Tried 3 times, but no luck. Please advise.

  13. Keep trying Peeps! I had to try for a while before I got it…

  14. Thank you Fault cannot wait to recieve my Adam Lambert issue.

  15. Yay, done – eagerly awaiting my Adam Lambert issue.

  16. Can’t wait to get my Adam Lambert issue!

  17. March can’t come quick enough.

  18. Linda says:

    Now we have 2 wonderful things to look forward to in March….Adam’s new album and this magazine. Thank you Fault Magazine!!! Hope you don’t run out of ink for all the copies you are going to need to print for all the world wide Glamberts!!!!

  19. dylangirl says:

    Done…..easy as that!! can’t wait …Thanks for such a great offer, looking forward to seeing Adam Lambert in your fabulous magazine!

  20. Geralynk says:

    Just placed my pre-order deposit for March Issue, featuring Adam Lambert! Thank you Fault magazine for this great opportunity! So excited! Yay! /

  21. I pre-ordered it too 😀 Looking forward to recieve it soon 🙂 <3

  22. Sanja Z. says:

    I want to preorder it but you don’t have my country on shopping list.Could you please add Croatia on the list?Please!!
    I would really want to have this issue with Adam in it.

  23. Jewel says:

    when I ordered it said I would get an email link I would have to click on. I did not get that in my email or spam. My paypal went through though. Am I alright?

  24. OMG I’m so excited….I’ve put in my deposit for pre-order and of course ordered 2…My best friend lives in Australia so had to order her one also….Just as I did Adams addition of The Advocate!!! Thank You Fault Magazine for this amazing opportunity?

    • Vonnie19 says:

      Hi Angela, I also live in Australia, and the p&h would be 9GBP according to nick; hope this helps.
      Yvonne (vonnie19)

  25. Liking IT!!!

  26. Pat-sistrunk@writeme.com says:

    So excited for Adam Lambert to appear on/in your magazine.

  27. melissa says:

    Can you tell me how much is Shipping & Handling to Canada, I preordered 2 copies. Thx.

  28. So looking forward to it 😀

  29. Christy Hobbs17 says:

    Can’t wait to see what your magazine has in store for me. Wish it was March already.

  30. Mom4dance says:

    Can’t wait to see the cover for the Spring issue with Adam Lambert! Thanks, Fault.

  31. I don’t usually buy magazines since I’m more digitally inclined. But I’m going to buy this one cuz I love the art and creative directions of the magazine in general and I’m looking for to the great job I’m sure you’ve done with Adam. I’m just hoping hard that you’ve managed to get him to show some skin since he’s strangely adverse to that!

  32. wendyness says:

    I don’t belong to Facebook. Is there another way to pre-order the Adam Lambert issue? Thank you.

  33. Cant wait to see Adam in your magazing he will def grace the cover nicely 🙂

  34. Sanja says:

    May i ask you something?If this ”500likes” special offer is not fulfilled by the release of the issue (which i hope it will),will then the deposit of 4,50pounds be removed from the price of magazine or will we need to pay full price of the magazine in the addition the the deposit?

    • Sanja says:

      Ups,i just read the answer above…no need to answer me.Thank you & i apologize of troubling you ^^”

  35. Sanja Z. says:

    Just preordered!!! Everything went OK with paypal so i guess my order is OK then ^_^
    Sorry it has taken so long but my paypal conformation code for my credit card wasn’t available till now .
    Thank you again for everything!! Can’t wait to see the magazine issue 😀

  36. Shealbox says:

    I have pre-ordered too through Paypal. Hopefully OK.

  37. Anonymous says:

    Update on deposits for Issue 10. Just over 600 deposits from those who ‘liked’ us on FB, meaning another 370 or so needed until the next price reduction!

  38. It says “product not available” when I click on the preorder link?

  39. “deposit” link, i mean.

  40. works now! sorry, i panic when something is adam & i can’t get to it.

  41. Vonnie19 says:

    I paid deposit yesterday and it went through PayPal. I didn’t see a PP logo though, so was surprised when it went there. I don’t have FB. Angela I have to get postage to Australia as well.

  42. How are we notified when the magazines are ready for shipment and the final payments to be made?

    • Anonymous says:

      You’ll receive an email in mid-March with the remaining amount to pay for the issue + P&P. The issue will be released on 31st March and, depending on where you live and which shipping option you choose, you will receive your copies shortly after that date.

  43. Christie says:

    how much is shipping to inside uk?

    • Anonymous says:

      UK shipping is around £1.60 for standard, £3 for tracked service.

      • Adamlambertfan98 says:

        by the way I’m sorry I’m asking too much but it’s my first time ordering something so will the price change because of shipping to turkey? how much does it cost? (I promise that’s my last question)

        • Anonymous says:

          Haha, no worries, please ask as many questions as you like! P&P is NOT included in the deposit. Standard shipping to Turkey (and elsewhere in Europe) will cost around £4 on top of the final issue price.

  44. Vonnie19 says:

    Christie, if you have a look at http://www.booksmagazinesetc.com you can ask them regarding postage in the UK

  45. Adamlambertfan98 says:

    did anyone found any possible shipping to turkey? I’m dying for this issue but it looks like I can’t buy it. Please help!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      We ship globally so Turkey should be available now. Anyone who needs shipping to a country not currently on the fulfilment centre’s list, please let us know via comment/email and we’ll get back to you ASAP after the country has been added.

      • Adamlambertfan98 says:

        thank you very much! I just have one more question I just looked at the payment and I dont want to give my credit card number so is PayPal available?

        • Anonymous says:

          Yes, you can certainly pay by Paypal. The option should appear at checkout. Thanks!

          • Adamlambertfan98 says:

            just one more question I’m really sorry it’s my first shopping on internet so how much does the issue cost including shipping to turkey I wrote this message before but it looks like it didnt post really sorry

          • Anonymous says:

            P&P is NOT included in the deposit. Standard shipping to Turkey (and elsewhere in Europe) will cost around £4 on top of the final issue price. To calculate final issue price, look above! At the moment we have over 700 FB likes and deposits so the issue price is £13.50 (without P&P). Another 300 deposits and we will cut the price down to £12 (without P&P) etc…

  46. Anonymous says:

    For anyone having difficulties:

    3 steps: 1)Follow us on Facebook 2)Click Issue 10 Special tab on left of screen under profile pic 3)Click the link provided to place your deposit!

    If you aren’t on Facebook but wish to place a deposit, please email info@fault-magazine.com for a temporary link to take you directly to the deposit page.

  47. Can you please add Romania to the country list? Thanks

  48. Lindy says:

    this link doesn’t work! What do I do? I want to order this fabulous Mag with Adam!

  49. Hi! I really want to order this as i’m a huge fan of Adam! But the problem is that i have no credit card or paypal! How can i order it without having that? 🙁 I really really want a copy! :(( Please help?

  50. alayjean says:

    Hi, how much is it shipping to Taiwan?

  51. Janika says:

    How much is shipping to Finland? If i do not have facebook account can I still order?

  52. How much is shipping to Portugal? I really need this magazine! 🙂

  53. o/ Ordered!! o/

  54. Rbfosterro says:

    Do we get a money conversion amount?

  55. Mellenbo says:

    Just ordered! 🙂

  56. I placed a deposit a month ago,I’m impatient now and want to preorder it now what do I need to do? this only allows me to place a deposit only.

    • FAULTMagazine says:

      You will be sent an email with the final price and a link to pay the balance in mid-March. We’re still trying to reduce the issue cost – nearly at 1500 deposits, at which point we will reduce the price even further to £10.50 + P&P

  57. What’s the regular price? I mean, what’s the highest price that we can pay?

    • FAULTMagazine says:

      Our standard RRP is £15 but as of now the issue price is £12 (+P&P). After another 200 (approx) deposits placed, we will reduce the price even further to £10.50 (+P&P).

  58. Thank you for this offer.

  59. Lilegalsecy says:

    How much is it in the US?

  60. Can’t wait!

  61. GlamMoonGoddess says:

    My total order was 24.07GBP(15 + 9.07 shipping to Calif) which equals $38.13 US Dollars. {{{ouch}}

  62. How much is shipping to Hong Kong?

  63. –question solved–

  64. V Jemmy says:

    Too bad I don’t use Facebook. Guess I will have to spend my money elsewhere.

  65. Ming Nikki Lu says:

    Could you please put china on the list? And how much is the shipping to china for 10 books? Thanks!

  66. Pbarber68 says:

    Love the pics of adam!!!!!!!

  67. Sonja St John says:

    I paid a deposit before I clicked on the “Like-Fault facebook” page…..
    does that mean I will not be eligible for the price break?

    order id: 2002

  68. where is the link of the payment

  69. Janne says:

    Could you please add Estonia to the list? Thanks 🙂

  70. If you don’t get 500 deposits, will we still be able to buy, even at full price from the USA?

    • FAULTMagazine says:

      Mimi, if you look at some of our recent posts you will see that we’ve nearly reduced the issue price to £10.50 for all those you have placed deposits. If you choose not to place a deposit within the next 2 weeks you can, of course, pay the full price (£15 + P&P) for your copy.

      Again, we deliver worldwide so shipping to USA/Antarctica/Solomon Islands/anywhere else is not a problem.

  71. Glam_is says:

    what if i dont have facebook??!!!! i really love adam lambert and would love this magazine!!! but i also live in canada!!! could you help me?

  72. Ivonlambert says:

    I asked my sister in Sweden to put deposit for me because I couldn’t find Indonesia on your country shipping list. Now , it’s been added to the list, thanks <3. Just currious, how much is the shipping to Indonesia or Sweden?

  73. Juliana P. says:

    Hello! I wanted to know how much I would pay if I ordered it to Portugal. Can you tell me? Thank you! 🙂

  74. Arachoa174 says:

    so the 4.50 is just a deposit ?

  75. Can you tell me how much I would pay if I ordered it to Manchester

  76. Romiebear70 says:

    can you buy this Fault magazine with Adam in any bookstores in USA???

    • FAULTMagazine says:

      Depends where you live but the deposit system is designed to get the price to a level cheaper than it is in stores. RRP is normally £15 but stores will frequently mark up above and beyond that. Current price for deposit holders is now £10.50 + P&P. Hope that helps.

  77. vicki says:

    I have this magazine on preorder. How do I pay the balance?

    • FAULTMagazine says:

      You’ll be sent an email with a link for you to pay the balance and confirm your order. Emails are taking a while to go through to everyone but you will receive yours before March 31st. If not, please email info@booksmagazinesetc.com and they will send you the link directly.

  78. I have gone to the link to pay balance and it keeps telling me error. have emailed several times with no reply now what?

    • FAULTMagazine says:

      Hi Kathy, check your spam box. They’re telling us that they emailed you a few times and haven’t heard back from you! Someone here at FAULT will forward on their messages, hopefully you will receive those.

  79. Alice says:

    hi, I too have paid the deposit and not received the second email with which to pay the balance. Can you help?

  80. Stsoni says:

    when will the magazine be shipped. i am in the US and still waiting.

  81. debbie says:

    where can I find an issue in Utah? cant find any!

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