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Sixth June


Sixth June is the electro pop duo of Lidija Andonov and Laslo Antal. The group formed during 2008 in  Belgrade and are currently based in Berlin. Their first official release “everytime” came out in March 2010 for the German label Genetic Music/No Emb Blanc. Since then, the band has been playing gigs in Germany, Belgium, Croatia, Serbia. The duo have also performed at B.I.M. fest in Antwerp, and Exit festival Novi Sad. Sixth June video “oh no it’s burning” was selected and projected as part Berlin Music Week 2010. Their next release “Back for a day” will be out  May 28th via their label Mannequin. FAULT caught up with the duo this week to ask them about their forthcoming release, influences and what the duo’s plans are for the rest of 2011.

FAULT: How did you come up with your name?
One of us has birthday on the sixth of June. And we like how “sixth june” sounds. So it’s really personal, No hidden philosophy J
FAULT: Do you both share the same taste in music?
Mostly yes. But of course there are slightly differences between our musical tastes. We think that our music benefits from these, and becomes richer and more textured. All kinds of differences between the two of us, we except as inspiration for our work.
FAULT: What band’s /artists have had the most influence over your sound?
We are influenced with all the different kind of music we like. From Joy Division, Depeche Mode, Dead can Dance, Yello, to Nina Simone, Anthony and the Johnsons, Stravinsky…We are open to different music genres, so we can’t really identify our music with some certain band or genre. We feel that the music we make is free to develop in different directions, and sometimes surprises us as well with the result. Predictable things are boring and not creative.
FAULT: How important to you are the visuals that go along with your music?
Our professions are connected to visual arts and expression (Lidija-actress, Laslo-visual artist), so we can’t separate this element from our music. It comes one from another. All our songs we see visually, this is why we work on the videos or the live projections
for concerts, and works in the opposite way too: Some visual elements can have melody in itself and inspire us to make a song. So,we can probably say that Sixth June is our project, in which we use our creativity to connect sounds and visuals, and it works the best when we perform live on stage.
FAULT: What’s the music scene like in Berlin? Is there a strong electro scene in the city?
Music is alive in Berlin. That’s so great about this city. You can always find a club with great music and atmosphere, or go to some amazing concert. Electro scene is probably stronger than in most other European cities.
FAULT: Who would you like to collaborate with on future projects?
With Jesus (but the Zola one). And with David Lynch.
FAULT: You’ve signed with Mannequin Records how did that come about?
Signor Alessandro contacted us for a new release, and we happily agreed to work together. We are proud to collaborate with such great labels as Mannequin and Genetic Music (on our previous release).
FAULT: What are your plans for the band the rest of this year?
After being in a studio for a few months, working on the new EP, the next step will be to make videos for some of the new material. And to refresh our live set. We are hoping also to play more, because playing live is something that we enjoy the most…Waiting to have a sixth june tour soon. We are ready!
FAULT: What is your FAULT
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